I’ve already had one year in office and I’m still as passionate as I ever was about driving Liberal Youth forward. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to this whole time then here’s a quick overview below:

  • Overhauled the – from a holding page to a hub of information
  • Launched The Libertine – the successful blogging platform for young Lib Dems
  • Listened to the membership – being an accessible figure and helping to facilitate a membership-wide consultation on the constitution
  • Gained national media coverage – busy conference season, and stealing The Observer magazine front page
  • Restored regular email updates – at least one email a month has hit members’ inboxes keeping everyone up to date
  • Upped social media presence – with one campaign helping to pack out a fringe at federal conference
  • Built international networks – most notably co-running an international event in Budapest with IFLRY

Remember you can always contact me if you want to know anything more!


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